Felix Martin  (feat. Hedras)/Sarah Longfield/Anagram/Half a Shadow

Felix Martin (feat. Hedras)/Sarah Longfield/Anagram/Half a Shadow

Felix Martin
Sarah Longfield

Join Felix Martin as he releases his album, Caracas in 2019, a compilation consisting of traditional Venezuelan songs and styles, fused with Felix’s unique blend of Progressive Metal and Latin music. A kaleidoscope of musical ideas and concepts, delivered in an instrumental approach, Felix and his band continue to achieve notoriety in the guitar community.

Caracas is a reflection of the Venezuelan music, culture, and the protests against the Venezuelan dictator government, where Felix was part of, and made viral videos which shaped his need to communicate musically on the political situation in his Venezuela home. Now, based in Los Angeles, Felix Martin continues to reflect on the political climate, and culture of his native Venezuela, with his progressive metal style.

This twelve-song collection features Quitapesares, a four-minute recognition to the street-life of Venezuela.


Accompanied by a brilliantly captured video, Quitapesares tells a story, delivers a message, and entertains with musical proficiency. Other tracks include; Zumba que Zumba, El Diablo Suelto, and the acoustic track Grey Zuliana.

Together with musicians featured on this record are Victor Carracedo on drums and Javier Sepulveda on Bass. Mixed/Mastered by Adam Bentley (Arch Echo), these Berklee graduate musicians challenge the concepts and ideas of traditional music as they continue to blur the defined genre lines.​




Venue Information:
Club Sur
2901 1st Avenue South
Seattle, WA, 98134